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Anesthesiologist Defames Patient While Under Anesthesia

AnesthesiologistWhen a patient undergoes surgery, they expect that their doctors and nurses will behave professionally. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A man from Virginia, insulted and made fun of by his anesthesiologist while under sedation is a prime example of what can happen once the patient falls asleep. Hopefully, though, his case will deter other doctors from behaving in the same way. At the very least, it may set a precedence for similar anesthesia malpractice cases in the future.

Patient Accidentally Records Surgery and Hears Insults

The Virginia man had reportedly pressed record on his cell phone before his procedure so he could listen to postoperative instructions at home. While driving home and listening to his recording, he heard something he did not expect. Minute after minute, the anesthesiologist delivered insults and made fun of the man. She even issued what could have been perceived as a verbal threat and encouraged falsification of his records. Worse yet, some of the other physicians and nurses engaged in the conversation, and no one bothered to stop, correct, or reprimand the anesthesiologist for her behavior.

Defamed Man Wins Malpractice Case

Although he did not miss any time at work and did not experience a severe or life-altering injury, the courts decided to award a settlement to the defamed Virginia man. The jury said, more than anything, they wanted to communicate that this sort of behavior is unacceptable. Of course, not all patients will hear what is being said to or about them while they are under sedation. However, there have been cases in which patients have awoken out of anesthesia or somehow managed to hear conversations.

Would Cameras in the Operating Room Change Things?

In a completely unrelated medical malpractice case, a man is calling for video cameras in the operating room. Some experts believe this could be the solution to many surgical issues. Certainly, it could prevent cases like the Virginia man’s. It might also reduce the risk of retained surgical items, oversights within the surgical room, and could even decrease the number of medical mistakes made during surgical procedures.

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