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The key to treating cancer is early diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, any misdiagnosis as to presence of or type of cancer can rob a patient of their opportunity to obtain treatment and lower their chance of survival.

If a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer has cost you precious time with a loved one or resulted in the premature death of a family member, you may be able to pursue legal action for the harm you have endured.

If you or a loved one has suffered through a cancer misdiagnosis, you may have a right to seek compensation. At Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we have extensive experience handling medical malpractice cases. Contact a lawyer to discuss your cancer misdiagnosis claim.

There is little room for error when a doctor suspects that their patient may have cancer. Swift and decisive action must be taken. Any failure to do so can prove fatal.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases often arise from a doctor’s failure to:

  • Send a patient to a specialist for a follow-up
  • Correctly determine when a patient needs a diagnostic test such as a mammogram
  • Properly interpret test results from x-rays, pap smears, or CT scans
  • Identify lesions on a person’s skin as malignant
  • Properly identify a specific type of cancer
  • Follow up with a patient regarding their treatment
  • Switch a client to a different treatment when their current treatment is not working

It is important to note that the doctor may not be the only at fault party in a failure to diagnose cancer lawsuit. A hospital may also be at fault if the lab committed an error during a diagnostic test.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases can sometimes be difficult to bring because it must be demonstrated that the patient’s lifespan or ability to be treated was directly impacted by doctor negligence. From breast cancer misdiagnosis to brain tumor misdiagnosis, our attorneys have the experience to handle these complex medical malpractice claims.

We understand the pain and frustration that your cancer misdiagnosis has caused you and your family. We are here to help. Our cases are taken on contingency - you do not pay unless we recover a settlement or verdict for you. Contact Us or call 408-289-1417 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We serve clients in San Jose, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Monterey County and Alameda County, CA.


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