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Cancer Misdiagnosis Leads to the Unnecessary Removal of a NY Woman’s Breast

Cancer MisdiagnosisFew things in life are as distressing as a cancer diagnosis, but receiving a cancer misdiagnosis and having a breast wrongfully removed might come close. That is what happened to a New York woman, and now she is suing the doctor responsible. Does she have a valid case, and what can you do if you or someone you love has faced a similar situation in the San Jose area? The following information explains.

Botched Diagnosis Leads to a Wrongful Mastectomy

After finding a lump in her left breast, the 51-year-old woman visited her doctor, who then decided to take a biopsy of the suspicious growth. It was then that her nightmare began. Allegedly told that she had infiltrating ductal carcinoma, the most common type of breast cancer, the Harlem resident underwent a complete mastectomy of her left breast. It was not until after the excised tissue was examined that the woman learned she did not have cancer but instead had sclerosing adenosis – a benign condition that causes extra tissue growth within the breast lobules.

Hit with a barrage of conflicting emotions, the woman had no other choice but to move forward at that point. She underwent reconstructive surgery, which resulted in some serious complications, including a surgical hernia that needed additional surgery and a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in her lungs), which could have killed her. Now she wants justice.

Taking a Closer Look at the Case

Although some may consider her malpractice case unnecessary, the truth is that the New York woman underwent painful and unnecessary surgery – not once, but at least three times – because of a doctor’s alleged mistake. She also incurred medical expenses for the operations, and likely missed time at work for healing. All these expenditures and losses could be considered compensable, should the judge or jury rule in her favor. She may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and unnecessary duress. Depending on her state’s laws and the work of her attorney, she may also receive punitive damages. Of course, only time will tell if she is successful.

Contact Our San Jose Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you or someone you love has experienced a situation involving an inaccurate diagnosis, the wrongful removal of a body part, disfigurement, or negligent care, contact Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP for assistance. Backed by over 60 years of combined experience, our seasoned San Jose medical malpractice lawyers can examine your case to determine if you may be eligible for compensation. Dedicated to your best interest, we will aggressively pursue the most favorable outcome possible. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist with your case. Call (408) 289-1417 today.

Client Reviews
My experience with Attorney Brad Corsiglia during my recent medical malpractice case was nothing short of amazing given the very stressful circumstances. I was fortunate to find Brad highly recommended from a mutual contact and from the very beginning of the process, Brad was truly engaged and knowledgeable in understanding my case and providing input on what avenues were available to me. Michelle M.