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Investigation Uncovers a Lack of Disciplinary Action Against Negligent Physicians

Negligent PhysiciansWhen a doctor makes a mistake that results in harm, victims expect justice. At the very least, the physician in question should be investigated for habitual wrongdoing. Unfortunately, a recent investigation has found a lack of disciplinary action against negligent doctors. What does this mean for patient safety, and what can you do if you or someone you love is injured or killed by a medical error? The following information explains.

Repeat Offenders Still Practicing Medicine

While vacationing in Florida, a young mother found herself sick with appendicitis. She went in for treatment, had her appendix removed, and then slowly bled to death overnight. Someone should have caught it, but no one did. Her family pursued a medical malpractice suit and won, but the investigation that stemmed from her death uncovered some highly concerning information: the doctor who had operated on her had 14 other payouts for medical negligence. Six of those payouts were to the families of patients who had died after surgery.

This physician is not the only one getting away with repeated negligence. The investigation found that at least 29 other physicians in the area had six or more complaints against them. All of them are still practicing medicine. The issue goes even further; all over the country, some undisciplined physicians have acted negligently, caused harm to their patients, and may have even been responsible for patient deaths. How can this happen?

A Lack of Consequences for Negligent Physicians

The doctor who had operated on the young mother has only been disciplined for his actions one time – and all he had to do was pay a fine. Other physicians face similar consequences but are permitted to keep their medical license, despite acting in ways that compromise patient safety. Some situations are so concerning (i.e. sexual assault of a patient results in temporary supervision, physicians practicing medicine while intoxicated go through a drug diversion program but face no other adverse licensing actions, etc.) that it would seem the medical boards are protecting the wrong people.

You see, medical boards oversee the licensing of physicians, and they are supposed to protect the public. Sadly, the lack of serious consequences for the egregious actions of doctors is surprisingly common. Even worse, information on the mistakes they have made may not be available to the public. Thankfully, victims can protect themselves by searching the physician’s name; often, this will help bring up any malpractice suits they have faced, which can give one a better overview of the doctor’s history.

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