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Is Your Doctor on Probation? You May Never Know

DoctorThe doctor-patient relationship is a precarious one, based on a blind and sometimes deceptively obtained trust. For example, patients expect that their doctor will act with integrity and professionalism. They also expect that their doctor is fully licensed to practice medicine; otherwise, why would they be allowed to continue doing so? Yet, unbeknownst to patients, there are many physicians that are treating patients while on probation – some for egregious or heinous acts. Learn what this could mean for you and your loved ones, and discover what recourse you have, should a medical mistake occur.

Doctors Behaving Badly

In the state of California, there are approximately 110,990 licensed surgeons and physicians. Over 600 of them are currently on probation. Their infractions include everything from drug and alcohol abuse to criminal convictions and negligent errors that have (or could have) harmed or killed their patients. Not one of them is required to inform their patients of their probationary status. Instead, it is the patient’s responsibility to search for the information, either through an internet search or by examining the state’s medical board website.

A Lack of Transparency

Although patients can (and should) investigate the licensing status of their doctor, patient safety advocates say physicians should also be required to inform their patients of a probationary status. It seems like a logical request, especially since physicians are already required to notify their hospital of residency and malpractice insurer. However, there are agencies and individuals who feel this would further damage the doctor-patient relationship.

Repeat Offenders are a Common Issue

What no one seems to want patients to know is that doctors on probation have a 30 percent recidivism rate – so nearly one-third are likely to offend again. Another study worth noting, released in early 2016, found that only a small percentage of physicians are responsible for most of the medical errors in America. In short, probationary physicians are a serious risk to the public, both in terms of trust and in public safety, and with the lack of transparency, patients may never know that they or their loved ones are at risk.

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