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One Hospital is Improving Safety Compliance and Reducing Injury With Constant Remote Monitoring

HospitalEarlier this year, preventable medical errors were identified as the third leading cause of death in the United States. Since that time, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals have started opening up discussions on how to improve safety. Some have even taken action. One recent and interesting example is a hospital in New York that is now using a constant and remote monitoring system in their surgical rooms. Could it be an answer to reducing medical malpractice in the U.S.? Only time will tell for certain, but their results are promising.

Remote Monitoring and Warning Systems

The hospital’s 24 operating rooms are all equipped with live feed cameras. On the other side, there are professionals, watching, monitoring, and ensuring that mistakes are caught as they happen. If an error is spotted, an alert is sent to the surgical team in real time. This is paired with a competitive system that celebrates “winning” teams instead of criticizing or shaming employees for making mistakes. In fact, the faces are always blurred to ensure that patient privacy is protected, and that employees are not at risk for job loss. Discipline is not the goal; preventing mistakes is, and that is exactly what this hospital says they are doing.

Safety Compliance Drastically Improved

The hospital has only been using the remote technology for a short time, but in the span of just a few weeks, full safety compliance has reportedly jumped from just 25 percent to 90 percent. It is an improvement that is unprecedented in hospitals, and one that suggests remote monitoring could be an effective way to reduce the prevalence of medical errors throughout the country. Even the patients are reporting that they feel more secure, thanks to the preservation of their privacy (videos are erased after 24 hours), informed consent over the use of video surveillance, and a general understanding of why the hospital is using the technology – namely for their safety.

Potential Hurdles to Implementing the Technology in Other Hospitals

While the technology does show promise, there are some potential hurdles to widespread implementation. First, each hospital would have to justify the cost. Many struggle with that since surgical errors are not always factored into the annual budget. Secondly, they would have to have the resources and manpower. This, too, is difficult for some hospitals, particularly those that have high turnover rates or are more remote. Plus, the technology is still fairly new. It may take more evidence to convince others that the benefits far outweigh the cost. Until then, victims of medical error still need protecting.

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