FDA Demands the Removal of Popular Teething Products from Store Shelves

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San Jose, CA medication error lawyer, teething product recall, FDA recall, teething medications, popular teething productsInfants grow at an exceptional rate within the first couple years of life, and their teeth are no exception. Unfortunately, popping teeth through fresh gums is no easy feat, and it leaves many babies with fevers, runny noses, and earaches—and parents with never-ending sleepless nights. For many years, doctors and pharmacists alike quickly suggested the use of over-the-counter teething relief aids. However, many parents will want to find alternative remedies for their struggles as the FDA just issued a severe warning for many popular teething medications.

FDA Warning

The FDA now vigorously warns consumers not to use over-the-counter teething medications containing benzocaine for their children. They also sent letters to manufacturers, asking them to stop producing the medicines altogether, warning that if they fail to do so, they will take regulatory measures to have them forcefully removed from store shelves.

According to the research, benzocaine frequently leads to methemoglobinemia, a condition which causes oxygen levels to drop, possibly to fatal levels. In their statement, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said, "The FDA is committed to protecting the American public from products that pose serious safety risks, especially those with no demonstrated benefit." The FDA previously stated that since these products rinse out of the mouth quickly, there is little to no benefit from using the products anyway. Benzocaine products come in gel, spray, ointment, tablet, and solution forms. Many well-known brands impacted include:

  • Orajel;
  • Anbesol;
  • Cepacol;
  • Chloraseptic;
  • Hurricaine;
  • Orabase;
  • Topex; and
  • Store brands or generics.

Alternate Solutions

The fevers and sleepless nights of teething make most new parents panic. It is difficult knowing your child is in pain and not able to soothe himself or herself. While many parents swear by regular visits to the chiropractor for their little ones, it may not be in the budget for all households. A few alternative options to try include the following:

  • Freeze a clean, wet cloth and let them chew on it to reduce swelling and numb the area;
  • Offer cold foods to babies eating solids;
  • Apply pressure with a teething toy; and
  • Wear a silicone teething necklace.

Get an Attorney

If a doctor or a pharmacist advised the use of over-the-counter teething products resulting in injuries to your baby, a San Jose, CA medication error lawyer can help. These products are linked to fatalities, rapid heart rate, sleeplessness, lightheadedness, and difficulty breathing to name a few symptoms. Medical studies have long cautioned about these medications, yet doctors continue suggesting them to patients. At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we aggressively pursue cases against medical professionals who have caused injury to patients and their families. Call us today at 408-289-1417 to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your options.


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